"The $2 Bill Initiative"


“The Memorable Gift of a $2 Bill”

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"The Power of 2"

We, Drs. Katina and Kredenna Beverly will like to make our patients smiles twinkle even more on their birthdays. Our plan to accomplish this goal is to provide our patients with a $2 bill on their birthday every year to establish the lifelong  dental  habit of visiting the dentist 2 times a year- on the child's birthday and half-birthday. This initiative has its origin from a fond childhood memory of ours.

Every year as children, we received a special gift on our birthdays. The special gift was a $2 bill. We were very excited about this gift, easily recognizing its novelty. So, we came to the conclusion that anyone who gave us a $2 bill as a gift, thought we were very special.

We have always remembered receiving a $2 bill as a gift despite the fact we were blessed to receive numerous of other birthday gifts over the years. Nevertheless, the $2 bill as a gift has made an everlasting memory for us. Thus, in honor of this fond childhood memory, we plan to share the cherished memory and special feeling to all our patients. Every patient that gets their check-up on their birthday will receive a $2 bill, reinforcing the habit of routine dental care on your birthday and half birthday.

As pediatric dentists, we will like to contribute the following meaning and purpose to the $2 bill as a gift to our patients.

  • You are special
  • You should see the dentist 2 times a year, on your birthday and half birthday
  • You should brush your teeth 2 times a day

Our hope is that when we give our patients a $2 bill on their birthday, they remember that there is power in the number 2. My sister and I can attest to that fact because we are twins. The power of 2 allows us to strive everyday to bring a twinkle in our patients’ smile and we hope that our patients not only appreciate the $2 bill as a gift but also understand its origin and our purpose.